Building the future of finance and a decentralized tokenized economy
Democratize and bring DeFi to 3 Billion People

Allocate the next world's best DAO-directed treasury, build and design products for the mass adoption of DeFi & crypto, bridge Fintech & CeFi and DeFi, GameFi (DeFi Gaming Play-to-Earn), partner with leading protocols, Merging and Acquisition, and rewrite the laws of finance.


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We are calling on the community to define and build our vision together.
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Technical details

Crowdraise Platform

NEPRIDAO is a DAO supported by Gitcoin community members with billions in forecasted contributions.

NEPRIDAO aims to raise funds to build the future of finance and a decentralized tokenized economy, democratize and bring DeFi to 3 Billion People, support builders of the decentralized economy, and other activities and projects the DAO may propose. It will be an open platform for proposals that will be voted upon by NEP token holders. It is agnostic to chains.

Possible proposals include

  1. Products Development
  2. Merging and Acquisition
  3. Direct partnerships or swaps with projects, and
  4. Expansion via specialized independent entities such as: ecosystem funds, artist guilds, farming cooperatives, R&D Labs, etc.


Contributors will be given a $NEP token in return for their funds, serving as a governance token in NEPRIDAO's proposal system, that will be managed on the Snapshot platform. Any holders of $NEP will be able to make and vote on proposals, with votes weighted by the token share..

Governance will be handled by the multi-sig. Once the crowdraise succeeds, the Snapshot governance system will go live and the multi-sig will act as executioners of successfully passed proposals, with a multi-sig vote serving as a veto right on exploit proposals (e.g. 51% attacks).

In Phase 1 NEPRIDAO will utilize the industry standard setup of Gnosis Safe, Gnosis Snapshot off-chain governance, and multi-sig administrators.


NEPRIDAO's funds will be held in a 4/7 Gnosis Multi-sig

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